Black Mirror. A No BS Review

I like sci-f. There are lots of good movies, some great and some greater. It’s a hard thing to write, and watch, because small script, directing and acting mess-ups cause damage to the whole thing. Also hard because many times the writer wants to embed too many little coded references to other things, it makes for good blogging but oftentimes compromises the movie, it devalues the audience intelligence by creating complexity and clickbait. People are much more forgiving with romantic comedies, dramas and the like.

Black Mirror. A No BS Review…

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Economy, Tax. Industry. Market. Wow. How do we win some more? cuts (subtitled the fallacies of “paper investments” vs. “real investments)

Suppose company 1 gets a tax cut, but it doesn’t know what to do with the money. On top of all the extra cash the company may already have, it doesn’t have good investment projects. It  sends the money to shareholders….Well, what do shareholders do with it?…
… They most likely roll the money in to other investments. Th

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Corporate tax cut. OK, and then what do they do with the money?

Investment in the whole economy has nothing to do with the financial decisions of individual companies. Investment will increase if the marginal, after-tax, return to investment increases. Lowering the corporate tax rate operates on that marginal incentive to new investments. It does not operate by “giving companies cash” which they may use, individually, to buy new forklifts, or to send to investors. Thinking about the cash, and not the marginal incentive, is a central mistake.

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Bitcoin ain’t bling. “If you flashin it, you must not want it” – DMX

When my sister asks me if she should buy bitcoin, I ask me if I should sell.
She just got her first ‘smart phone’ she got it on sale, its about 3/4 the size of the iPhone4, the internet is slow like a dial-up modem and the apps take so long to open that when they finally do, you forgot why you needed it. She called me last year and told me about this wonderful site that has lots of useful information, it’s called Wikipedia.

There are two reasons to value something:

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