Regional inequality: also a housing supply problem

Over the past few years compelling evidence has come out suggesting that housing policy errors are behind slow productivity growth, wealth inequality, and the cost of living crisis. But a raft of new work suggests housing policy errors might also be a key explanation for rising regional inequality in the West, and more specifically the rise of the Englands South East and the relative decline…

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Bitcoin and Blockchain. The explainer…

Explaining how to play baseball can be a bit tedious for the explainer and the explainee. Bitcoin and blockchain are like this also. It is complex, but, once you get past a few hurdles it all makes sense. 

Just like in describing baseball much will also not be described. It isn’t essential to include a ‘how to’ of a curveball, so there are also many things I won’t include here, there are too many ‘how to’s’

There is also a philosophy within baseball, Yogi Berra spent a lifetime completing a small piece of that and Derek Jeter spent his career practicing that philosophy. we would get lost including a philosophy here, but, there is one.

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Taxes on sale at Amazon. Act fast, supplies are limited

Many companies use tax havens, or impossible but true tax arbitrage schemes to underpay taxes to the country where it should be owed. What sets Amazon apart is that their whole business model is built around using tax avoidance as a way to help make their prices among the cheapest online.

Let’s do the forensics on two different political and taxing systems with two wildly different outcomes. It’s a Rashomon of the same tax event but seen by two different authorities. The UK/EU v United States…

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Social Economy

What we need is a social economy, an economy that recognizes purposes and values beyond maximizing private gains by any means necessary, which is the sole goal of hyper-financialized economies.
Given the dominance of profit-maximizing markets and the state, we naturally assume these are the economy. But there is a third sector, the community economy, which is comprised of everything that isn’t directly controlled by profit-maximizing companies or the state.

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Milk-Bar Clausewitzes, Bean Curd Napoleons: In the Reign of Kaiser Don

Pregnant-and-girl simulator, forced on American troops by feminists. The intention obviously is to humiliate, and they have succeeded. The problem is, first, that we have troops willing to put up with this and second, and far worse, is that the generals, who know perfectly well the effects of this sort of thing, have let the military become the playground of feminists, homosexuals, transvestites, transgenders, single mothers, and so on. They value their careers over the military. 

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