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Black Mirror. A No BS Review

I like sci-f. There are lots of good movies, some great and some greater. It’s a hard thing to write, and watch, because small script, directing and acting mess-ups cause damage to the whole thing. Also hard because many times the writer wants to embed too many little coded references to other things, it makes for good blogging but oftentimes compromises the movie, it devalues the audience intelligence by creating complexity and clickbait. People are much more forgiving with romantic comedies, dramas and the like.

Black Mirror. A No BS Review…

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Star Trek Discovery. No BS review

I grew up watching the original Star Trek. I was too young to see its first go-round, it had just been cancelled. I was the generation that loved it only once it had gone.

As there were not many episodes and it aired daily, I knew every one. These were days before television shows were implanted with endless novelties for tv blogging sleuths. Sometimes a tv show is just a tv show.

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A no BS review of Amazon bookstore

I went to the Amazon Bookstore today on an errand to audit its well-being. I am wary of any store that has a greeter. I think they said ‘can I help you find a book today.’ It could have been that, I disregard panhandlers in the trains and in bookstores. I’m not new to books and stores, this isn’t my first rodeo.
Amazon Bookstore is a confectionary selling books (incidentally I give cotton candy a 2.3 score)

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