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Moody’s says Amazon ain’t

The e-commerce giant is the subject of a number of myths regarding its size and clout that mask the reality of its position compared with rivals like Wal-Mart Stores Inc and Costco Wholesale Corp –  according to Charlie O’Shea, Moody’s vice president and lead retail analyst…

Estimates for the Amazon Prime membership base are also wildly inflated, O’Shea said, with some pundits betting the figure is as high as 85 million. Amazon itself has never provided a number, other than to say it is in the tens of millions.

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How Amazon avoids paying its taxes and sticks you with the bill

Many companies use tax havens, or impossible but true tax arbitrage schemes to underpay taxes to the country where it should be owed. What sets Amazon apart is that their whole business model is built around using tax avoidance as a way to help make their prices among the cheapest online.

Let’s do the forensics on two different political and taxing systems with two wildly different outcomes. It’s a Rashomon of the same tax event but seen by two different authorities. The UK/EU v United States…

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Beware friends bearing low prices. Amazon. Capital Destroyer, Beserker of Retail and Unemployer of Legions

Who is hunting down the brick and mortar retailers and snuffing them. And, the killing fields are growing, from 2014-2016, 12,000 stores closed. Detectives estimates that from now to 2019 the killer will strike 30,000 more times.

What if you knew who did it? Would you tell? What if your best friend was the culprit, or your spouse or child, would you tell? Or, would you not? This is not only someone you love, but they also give you huge discounts on everything! Whatever you want, you tell them and within 48 hours it’s on your doorstep

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