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What is your citizen score? Gamified obedience to the State

The Chinese government is developing a Citizen Score to rate the trustworthiness of its 1.3 billion citizens. It is always on surveillance.
What we do online and offline merge into an onlife.  A new identity exists within an infosphere, that blend of physical and virtual experiences.

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Facebook. The profitable intelligence agency

What do all those people in the CIA, NSA and every other Get Smart agency do all day? Can’t almost the entire thing be cardboard boxed up and sent home.

Isn’t Facebook already doing ***almost*** all of whatever the Get Smart’s presumably do? Best of all, Facebook is profitable. They are doing all the splendid spying and meddling in political affairs, but add to that menace that they are also showing cute puppy videos and serving up ads.
The future is almost here…

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