Trump visits India. What would be great, good, bad or horrible. Cos media isn’t honest, I will be…

On February 24/25, 2020 President Trump will visit India. This could be an “India Reset”, diplomacy that reshapes geopolitics and finance, trade, defense. Or it may not.

Both are transactional leaders, both need a deal.
Because the media on both sides of the world will never accurately report the breadth of good news, I will give you the info so you can judge as the meeting concludes. I can, however rely on the media to reliably report whatever bad may result.

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Bolivia and China. Morales and the #NonCoup

All projects financed by Chinese loans must be awarded to Chinese companies, which come with their own materials, equipment, and technology, and often their own labor.

It is asymmetrical, in investment as well as trade. China decides which projects to support and dictates the rules of the game, based on its own economic interest. The logic is not to develop Bolivia’s productive capacity, but to provide outlets for expansion of Chinese capital, generating profits for Chinese companies through energy and infrastructure development as a pathway to more lucrative extractive ventures and, potentially, a permanent Chinese foothold in the region

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Greta anointed: “My deontological prescriptions don’t care about your consequences”

There is that person who thinks they understand the consequences of highly complex interventions on human societies by introspection alone. Not only do they think they understand the consequences of alternative policy choices, but they’re so confident that their understanding is right and that its truth is so obvious that the only explanation for disagreement is evil intentions.

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VAT tax. the Green New Deal, UBI and You

Like the guillotine, the VAT was first invented and implemented in France. VAT is a different taxing system, an additional burden, tacked unto every purchase the government decides is worthy of your punishment.If they deem books, then every book has a new cost.

VATs are collected at each stage of “production”, whereas retail sales taxes are collected only at the point of final sale.

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