Stop saying we need a gold standard, this is why

I’ve heard many people say “return to the gold standard” and reminisce about a past without having had the misery to have lived in it.

“GOLD STANDARD” sounds smart and has a world weary cynicism that can be convincing to the easily convinced. These people will show charts without context and do economic sleight of hand. I want to equip you with the information so that you can economically beat them up.

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Putin’s speech. Is this a Declaration of Independence and are we King George?

This speech by Putin was delivered at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum Plenary session on June 17, 2022.
It’s incredible on many levels. I’m not going to run it thru my filter and ‘tell you what it means’ cos I ain’t CNN+. No out of context quotes, no soundbytes, no pundits or ‘experts’.

Audio file of the transcript so you can listen to it here, or download and take it with you.

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Seneca warned us about political wickedness

Letter 42: “But he hates those who make an ungoverned use of great power suddenly acquired.” I retort that he will do the same thing as soon as he acquires the same powers. In the case of many men, their vices, being powerless, escape notice; although, as soon as the persons in question have become satisfied with their own strength, the vices will be no less daring than those which prosperity has already disclosed.

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