Venezuela. Cryptocurrency and backed by oil. Bullshit

the petro has intrinsic value because it’s backed by oil, ok, but what does backed by oil actually mean?
The only way any currency, fiat or crypto, is “backed” by any real-world commodity is if the currency is convertible into the commodity on demand, that is, the currency can be exchanged for the commodity at a transparent published conversion rate.

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Black Mirror. A No BS Review

I like sci-f. There are lots of good movies, some great and some greater. It’s a hard thing to write, and watch, because small script, directing and acting mess-ups cause damage to the whole thing. Also hard because many times the writer wants to embed too many little coded references to other things, it makes for good blogging but oftentimes compromises the movie, it devalues the audience intelligence by creating complexity and clickbait. People are much more forgiving with romantic comedies, dramas and the like.

Black Mirror. A No BS Review…

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