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Is Victory chocolate a human right? Tycoons and Oligarchs consecrate Universal Basic Income

Ah, the companies that care about me, and indeed, humanity, and indeeder, improving shareholder return. What a better world it would be, if they had it their way, which they likely will, and massively firing its frothy workforce, moving those lives to the public pocketbook. But, I am not a cynical type of skeptic.
Is Universal Basic Income a ‘good’ thing? Who will pay for it? Well…

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Profitable Work Automation

Slums that get Universal Basic Income transfers from the government remain slums. All the work that needs to be done isn’t being paid, so it doesn’t get done.
The model of expecting global corporations and Big Government to solve the scarcity of paid work is broken. Paul Mason does an excellent job of explaining why in this article from mid-2015: The end of capitalism has begun: the rise of non-market production, of unownable information, of peer networks and unmanaged enterprises.

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