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Uber v. the anti-corporate open source insurgency

Open Source Anti-Corporate Insurgency is an organizational method by which a large collection of small, visible and empowered activists groups can work together to take on corporate hierarchies. It does not have a centralized operations or command and little to no advertising spending. It is a loose, meshed network of individuals and small groups working independently, but united by a single purpose, in this case: defeating Uber  

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Uber Interment

I began the post mortem on Uber months ago, before it had given up its ghosts. There is a long line of crooks, liars and fellow schemers who will feign shock that there was gambling in Casablanca…
VC firms and Pension funds will unburden their moral and financial loads by respectively socializing it, and hot-potato’ing to the taxpayer.

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Uber lottery tickets for sale

Companies that are the recipient of staggering amounts of capital should have to make public reports should be regulated aggressively by the SEC rather than the self policing and arguable trickle down economics that VC firms now enjoy.

Uber, and many of its peers may be mythological and a lottery ticket that you fractionally own.

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