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HRTechTank in NYC. Selfie and turning the camera around.

HRTechTank NYC selfie and then turning the camera around I am symposium averse. I don’t have business cards and I do suffer occasional bouts of Attention Deficit Disorder which cruelly sets upon me at conferences and large exhibits. None of this took hold and disturbed my enjoyment and learning at the NYC HRTechTank. It was managed in small bites, no segment was longer than one...

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HRtech and the trajectory of the puck As a kid I papered my bedroom with posters sloppily posted to white walls. Bruce Lee was my favorite and he was (and remains) aspirational in physical ability and a practical synthesis of an actionable philosophy. "Obey the principles without being bound by them." - Bruce Lee Pre rant notes: 1. The below is my selfish discourse on Professional...

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