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Greta anointed: “My deontological prescriptions don’t care about your consequences”

There is that person who thinks they understand the consequences of highly complex interventions on human societies by introspection alone. Not only do they think they understand the consequences of alternative policy choices, but they’re so confident that their understanding is right and that its truth is so obvious that the only explanation for disagreement is evil intentions.

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Quickest way to gain moral authority is this nifty trick

…why the civil rights movement looms so large in the memory of the left and why they keep trying to find ways to relive it. Those were the glory days in which they managed to call the whole American system, including capitalism, into doubt. Hence their eagerness to drag race into every issue, particularly economic issues. As they see it, the invocation of race automatically confers moral authority on the left while draining it away from the right.

In the process, of course, they are not doing any favors to blacks or to the poor. Welfare programs that exist first, foremost and only for the purpose is to buy moral legitimacy for politicians on the left. Nobody ever inquired too closely about whether any of those programs actually worked. The nominal beneficiaries of government largesse were, as always, merely incidental to the wider political purposes of the program.

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