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You ever try breathing hard?

You ever try breathing hard for 3 hours?
I am used to exertion and then my breath catching up. But, when your breathing hard by itself, without the physical demand, it’s a whole dif ball of wax.

This isn’t something I would suggest doing frequently. It’s exhausting ‘lung-wise’, on the muscles and all the body stuff around the stomach, and also emotionally cos your mind wanders off its breath and you have to stay alert to pull your mind back in.

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The startup of my sister. Fat v. Lean. Pivoting

Only July 12th 2016 my sister was 292 pounds and had a surgical procedure, the ‘sleeve’ performed on her. Today, on the one year anniversary she is 162 pounds, 130 pounds lost in one year.
Changing yourself, your identity, behaviors, habits and your relationship to food is not easy, it requires self-awareness, discipline, goals and a strong support network to keep you above water.

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