Investor Series: Discussions about the markets

I started the Investor Series interviews in July of 2020 to remind people to invest. 

1. Velina Tchakarova, the world

2. Tracy Shuchart, fossil fuels

3. Mark Schneider, nuclear energy

4. Anthony Pompliano, bitcoin

5. Simon Mikhailovich, gold

6. Jim O’Shaughnessy, US markets

7. Leland Miller, China’s economy

7.5 Nancy Konipol hosts Nina Rao. Meditation and a Hanuman Chalisa

8. Harsh Madhusudan and Rajeev Mantri, Start-up ecosystem

9. Nitin Gokhale, India’s military. And wars?

10. Ian Sigalow, venture capital

10.5 Meltem Demirors, a bitcoin special report with Meltem Demirrors

11. Dennis Wingo, Space Force

12. Tracy Shuchart, fossil fuels 2.0, new Presidential administration with new policies

13. Leland Miller, China 2.o , new President with new policies

14. Caroline Cochran and Jacob DeWitte, co founders of nuclear micro reactor startup Oklo

15. Barry Sloane, CEO of a publicly traded company Newtek

I ended the Investor Series in March of 2021 because we told those stories. Thanks for joining them