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2015. Professional Services. M&A and the new buyers.

“This is for the soldiers that see the sun at midnight, ya dig” Rick Ross, Free Mason 2015. Professional Services. M&A and the new buyers. Having been an early investor in many trending and public SaaS and outsourced HR companies, I am approximately qualified to comment about the markets for Professional Services companies. I include within these walls: Recruiting, PEO, Time and Attendance, Payroll, front...

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NYC Tech as an industry. Are we there yet?

Historically, the tech industry in NYC was unreliable. It would come and go in short, cyclical bursts. I believe that this is an unprecedented cycle that is durable and will be sustained. There are many contributing forces: An evolved VC ecosystem, velocity of capital, schools offering complementary programs, favorable ‘knowledge worker’ labor migration and the benefit of a mayor who promoted and encouraged tech startups...

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Festivus, day 7: A review of (almost) every movie I have ever seen and Venture Capital in Professional Services companies

This post is about Venture Capital in Professional Services. It is also a movie(s)r review.

Reviews, celebrity interviews and NSA surveillance chatter had me expecting a great movie.

It started amazing. Great story, interesting characters that were well acted, creative cinematography, costumes that seemed right for the period. Quippy one liners and the dialogue was natural and true.

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Day 4 of a new Festivus year, Venture Capital in Professional Services and Aquaman v. Batman

“bluster doesn’t win games’, good play wins games” Talking smack and having swagger won’t win games, in fact it will antagonize your opponent to play at their very best. Rigid adherence to a real, considered strategy, pattern recognition and a comprehension of the ‘total’ game wins, or as there is some luck element to the game, will significantly increase your likelihood of winning.

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Venture Capital Festivus: Professional services

Building too much code: With so much great code already out there, some entrepreneurs just wanna write – when its not needed and down the road will significantly inhibit progress. They expect that their product and the market is flexible. If they make an error in sequence it can be repaired en route, like fixing a flat while driving. The reality is that it is entirely inelastic, particularly in mature markets like professional services with entrenched leaders and quick outliers who aren’t making mistakes.

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