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In a fast city, sad and slow remembrance

In a fast city, sad and slow remembrance Several years ago a construction crane collapsed. I had forgotten about it. People died. A homeless person crafted a memorial and many people contributed to its creation and effect. With time,  it slipped from view. I am mindful, maybe just for this moment, as I rediscovered this article. Lesson 1, for me, is that life is short....

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Open Data emergent. Disruption ahead?

Open Data emergent. Disruption ahead? Technologists are very excited about being permitted to innovate within NYC government, their initial, high visibility focus of improvement includes procurement. However, I anticipate that real change, outside of headlines and fuzzy math, won’t happen there for a while. That type of substantive change is generational and attritional. I expect the quicker, more quantifiable success using opendata will happen in…

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Will Tech Move Forward as an Industry?

Tech in NYC, as an industry is cautiously and (maybe) reluctantly emerging. It is hesitant, thrifty and somewhat unprepared. The real estate industry has a 400 year head start, manufacturing 150+ as does many other industries. Tech can catch up quickly, but to do so requires a certain tactical proficiency. I think it is unrealistic, and might result in an MVO (minimum viable outcome) if…

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