We should be careful glorifying Denmark

Last week, Denmark was mentioned in a American TV debate between Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz. Instinctively, as a Dane, I always feel a sense of pride whenever Denmark is mentioned on the big stage. However, in this instance I would like to take a step back and look at the facts because Denmark is far from the utopia politicians and pundits often claim it…

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What is your citizen score? Gamified obedience to the State

The Chinese government is developing a Citizen Score to rate the trustworthiness of its 1.3 billion citizens. It is always on surveillance.
What we do online and offline merge into an onlife.  A new identity exists within an infosphere, that blend of physical and virtual experiences.

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Governments are loving Bitcoin

Government do what benefits those who control the levers of power #dealwithit Does bitcoin benefit those lever’ers of power? Yes. Expect…

Since the wealthy already pay the lion’s share of federal income taxes (payroll taxes are of course paid by employees and employers), their over-riding interests are wealth preservation and capital appreciation, with lowering their tax burdens playing third fiddle in the grand scheme of maintaining their wealth and power.

Indeed, paying taxes inoculates them to some degree from social disorder and political revolt.

Xapo was founded by Argentinian entrepreneur and current CEO Wences Casares, whom Quartz describes as “patient zero” of bitcoin among Silicon Valley’s elite. Cesares reportedly gave Bill Gates and Reed Hoffman their first bitcoins.

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Why are houses in London so expensive?

Oxford Economics’s Ian Mulheirn writes that London’s housing market isn’t expensive because of a lack of building, and building more wouldn’t lower prices. I disagree.  Claim one: housebuilding has outstripped household formation, so if anything we have a surplus of housing.  Household formation is “endogenous” – it is determined, to some extent, by housing availability. My flatmate and I count as a single household, even though…

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To the late, great, Bob Bee

Robert Bee, 1925-2017 We were sad to hear of the death of Bob Bee, 92, former Chairman of the AdamSmith Institute. He was a US citizen, but moved to London in 1978 to becomechairman of the London Interstate Bank. As a fervent supporter of liberty and freemarkets, he joined the board of the Adam Smith Institute and soon became itsChairman. He used his extensive City…

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Take a Knee #resistance. “If he said it, we’re against it”

Take a knee began with Colin Kaepernick, the original take a knee’r, conflating high volume social protest with NFL level player ability.

Then in a mixed up public always looking for deeper meanings in TV shows like Game of Thrones (sometimes a mediocre show is just a mediocre show) it transformed into a symbolic protest against the injustice of police gunning down innocent black men. This was originally in response to the “hands up don’t shoot” narrative about the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri—a narrative that was comprehensively debunked by the Department of Justice civil-rights task force sent to Ferguson by the Obama administration.

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Star Trek Discovery. No BS review

I grew up watching the original Star Trek. I was too young to see its first go-round, it had just been cancelled. I was the generation that loved it only once it had gone.

As there were not many episodes and it aired daily, I knew every one. These were days before television shows were implanted with endless novelties for tv blogging sleuths. Sometimes a tv show is just a tv show.

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