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No BS Review. Wonder Woman

There is something about popcorn, soda and Mom. We used to love going to the movies together. There were months that we saw every major release. James Bond, Mel Brooks, Sextet starring Mae West. And I remember seeing Being There with Peter Seller. I remember when the Gardener becomes a Presidential Candidate, the maid sees him on TV and say ‘It’s a white man’s world’….

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A no BS review of Amazon bookstore

I went to the Amazon Bookstore today on an errand to audit its well-being. I am wary of any store that has a greeter. I think they said ‘can I help you find a book today.’ It could have been that, I disregard panhandlers in the trains and in bookstores. I’m not new to books and stores, this isn’t my first rodeo.
Amazon Bookstore is a confectionary selling books (incidentally I give cotton candy a 2.3 score)

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