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Take a Knee #resistance. “If he said it, we’re against it”

Take a knee began with Colin Kaepernick, the original take a knee’r, conflating high volume social protest with NFL level player ability.

Then in a mixed up public always looking for deeper meanings in TV shows like Game of Thrones (sometimes a mediocre show is just a mediocre show) it transformed into a symbolic protest against the injustice of police gunning down innocent black men. This was originally in response to the “hands up don’t shoot” narrative about the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri—a narrative that was comprehensively debunked by the Department of Justice civil-rights task force sent to Ferguson by the Obama administration.

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branding trump hillary tweets

Chapters New Entrant v Incumbent Minimum Viable Politican. A/B testing by tweet Marketing. New Entrant v Incumbent. Trump v Clinton This post isn't about politics. The recent Presidential campaign is ideal for a repurposing to a discussion of entrant vs an incumbant, market leader. This is because campaigns are constructed as collapsible corporations, in startup jargon they are short-lived unicorns. This is the start of...

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