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Bitcoin and Blockchain. The explainer…

Explaining how to play baseball can be a bit tedious for the explainer and the explainee. Bitcoin and blockchain are like this also. It is complex, but, once you get past a few hurdles it all makes sense. 

Just like in describing baseball much will also not be described. It isn’t essential to include a ‘how to’ of a curveball, so there are also many things I won’t include here, there are too many ‘how to’s’

There is also a philosophy within baseball, Yogi Berra spent a lifetime completing a small piece of that and Derek Jeter spent his career practicing that philosophy. we would get lost including a philosophy here, but, there is one.

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The Cryptocurrency Boom (and its Volatility)

How can non-experts sort out what sizzle will fizzle and what sizzle will become dominant?  The short answer is: we can’t. An experienced programmer who has actually worked on the bitcoin blockchain, Ethereum and Dash (to name three leading cryptocurrencies) would be well-placed to explain the trade-offs in each (and yes, there are always trade-offs), but precious few such qualified folks are available for unbiased commentary as tribalism has snared many developers into biases that are not always advertised upfront.

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