Blogs of War

Adam Townsend and Puppy

This is the list of some of the War, Military, Strategy, Battles and History blogs that I read.

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This list is incomplete. – me

From 2000 years of military history and commentaries, I pick and choose, toggle subjects on and off. Right now I am neck deep into late Western Rome wars. Some days I am examining the civil war battles, some days I am studying chess, a more gentle war. And some other days I am back into recent technology and Venture Capital. I think everything connects.

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. – Albert Einstein

I enjoy reviewing military history, the battles, and the maps, what went wrong and the less frequent what went right.

Post mortems of wars, in their entirety and in the shiny and the dull bits, are fascinating.

God created war so that Americans would learn geography. ― Mark Twain

Innovations were needed to win, better metals, better forging, better constructions, improved agriculture techniques to feed 10,000 and sometimes, hundreds of thousands of soldiers.

To neglect the study of war and battles is to ignore everything that came before. If we can only discuss technology in terms of generations of iPhones we have to open our other eye.

Wars also teaches us that only the battles are ever won and that history is short. Skirmishes 2,000 years ago are still being fought today.

Wars need consumers.

I enjoy the mechanisms of war, both the apparatus and the human formations.

Oftentimes wars are won accidentally, it is not always the best who wins, it is the side who either made the fewest blunders or whose mistakes could be recovered.

And even today, wars are human things. A computer can do 95% of analysis of the probability of this or that, countless iterations and produce the top most optimal actions, but it still (and most likely will for a very long time) require humans to sort out the most optimal and act upon one.

These are the blogs I read. I hope you find them useful and you can repurpose some great thinking and history into your life, work and everything in-between.

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Some truly in-depth analysis of the last 50 years of battles, wars and evertything they are.

Open sourced analysis and commentary on recent wars, technology and strategy.

One of my recent favorites. It discusses the convergence between war and technology. Good stuff…

This has been a lot of my travel reading. Its the niche equivalent of the Sunday NYTimes

Extremely detailed analysis of the Asia Pacific. It is the other side of the world and easy to neglect. There is little geographic proximity but theres a lot happening there. You should read this. hashtag #WOW